1. Legislation
■Annotated Guide to the Insolvency Legislation, Sealy & Milman, Sweet & Maxwell, 13th Edn (2010)
■Annotated Guide to Insolvency Legislation and Practice, Groves, Arden & Ors, Enterprise Chambers, Butterworths (2006)
■Butterworths Guide to the Insolvency Rules, Ho & Smithson, LexisNexis (2010)
■Insolvency Law Handbook, Davis and Haywood (Editors), LexisNexis, 13th Edn (2011)
■Insolvency Legislation: Annotations and Commentary, Doyle & Keay, Jordans (2005)

2. Insolvency – general
•Butterworths Practical Insolvency, Williams (Editor), Butterworths (loose leaf)
•Corporate and Personal Insolvency Law, Tolmie, Cavendish 2nd Edn (2003)
•A General Practitioner’s Guide to Insolvency, Finn, Butterworths (1993)
•The ICSA Insolvency guide, Hartigan, ICSA (2004)
•Insolvency, Totty & Moss, Sweet & Maxwell (loose leaf)
•Insolvency in Business, Finn, Cassell (1989)
•Insolvency Costs and Fees, Rajani, Tolley, 14th Edn (2008)
•Insolvency and the Enterprise Act 2002, Davies, Jordans (2003)
•Insolvency Law, Frieze, Cavendish, 4th Edn (2001)
•Insolvency Law Handbook, Dennis, The Law Society (2005)
•Insolvency Law & Practice, Gillies & Roberts, Wood (1988)
•Insolvency Law – Theory & Practice, Rajak (Editor), Sweet & Maxwell (1993)
•Insolvency Meetings Manual, Verrill, Butterworths (1995)
•Insolvency Procedures Notes, Gordon-Saker & Stubbs, Waterlow, 2nd Edn (1991)
•Kestrian’s Guide to Business Recovery and Insolvency, Jones, Croner CCH (loose leaf)
•The Law of Insolvency, Fletcher, Sweet & Maxwell, 4th Edn (2009)
•The New Law of Insolvency – Insolvency Act 1986 to Enterprise Act 2002, Dennis & Fox, The Law Society (2002
•Practical Insolvency Precedents, Levy & Anderson, Sweet & Maxwell (loose leaf)
•Statements of Insolvency Practice, Society of Practitioners of Insolvency (now Association of Business Recovery Professionals (R3)) (1992 onwards)
•Tolley’s Insolvency, Law Marks (Editor), Tolley (loose leaf)
•Transaction Avoidance in Insolvency, Parry, Oxford University Press (2001)
•Vulnerable Transactions in Corporate Insolvency, Armour & Bennett, Hart (2003)
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3. Corporate Insolvency
3.1 General

■Company Failure, Pratten, ICAEW (1991)
■Corporate Insolvency,McTear, Williams, Brumby & Border, Cavendish, Pocket Lawyer (2004)
■Corporate Insolvency for General Practitioners, Griffiths, CLT Professional Publishing (1996)
■Corporate Insolvency Law Perspectives and Principles, Finch, Cambridge University Press (2002)
■Corporate Insolvency Law & Practice, Bailey & Groves, Butterworths, 3rd Edn (2007)
■Corporate Insolvency: Law & Practice, Milman & Durrant, Sweet & Maxwell, 3rd Edn (1999)
■Corporate Insolvency Law – Theory and Application, Mokal, Oxford UP (2005)
■Corporate Rescue, Belcher, Sweet & Maxwell (1997)
■Corporate Rescue – Insolvency Law in Practice, Brown, Wiley (1996)
■Corporate Rescues and Insolvencies, Lingard, Butterworths, 2nd Edn (1989)
■The Law of Corporate Insolvency, Snaith, Waterlow (1990)
■Palmer’s Corporate Insolvency, Davies & Ors (Editors), Sweet & Maxwell, 2nd Edn (1996)
■Pennington’s Corporate Insolvency Law, Pennington, Butterworths, 2nd Edn (1997)
■A Practitioners Guide to Corporate Insolvency and Corporate Rescue, Westminster Management Consultants (1991)
■Principles of Corporate Insolvency Law, Goode, Sweet & Maxwell, 3rd Edn (2005)
■Tolley’s Corporate Insolvency, Rajani, Tolley, 2nd Edn (1994)
■Voluntary Liquidation and Receivership, Grier & Floyd, Sweet & Maxwell, 4th Edn (2000)
3.2 Liquidations

■Applications to Wind up Companies, French, Blackstone Press (1993)
■Company Liquidations, Rajak, Sweet & Maxwell (2006)
■Company Liquidations – Procedures, Pennington, Jordans (1987)
■Company Liquidations – Substansive Law, Pennington, Jordans (1987)
■Compulsory Winding-up Procedure, Frieze, Longman, 3rd Edn (1991)
■Liquidation Manual, Powell & London, Tolley, 2nd Edn (1988)
■Loose on Liquidators, Loose & Griffiths, Jordans, 5th Edn (2005)
■McPherson’s Law of Company Liquidation, Keay, Sweet & Maxwell (2001)

3.3 Receiverships, administrations and voluntary arrangements

■Administrative Receivers and Administrators, Stewart, CCH Editions (1987)
■Administrative Receivership: Law and Practice, Doyle, FT Law & Tax (1995)
■Administration Procedures, Woolridge, Jordans (1987)
■Administrators – Part II of the Insolvency Act 1986, Anderson, Sweet & Maxwell (1987)
■Agricultural Charges and Receivership, Anderson, Chancery Law Publishing (1992)
■Company Voluntary Arrangements, (Accountants Digest 414) Davis, Accountancy Books (1999)
■Company Voluntary Arrangements and Administrations, Weisgard, Griffiths & Doyle, Jordans 2nd Edn (2010)
■Corporate Recovery: Administrations and Voluntary Arrangements, Grier & Floyd, FT Law & Tax (1995)
■Corporate Receiverships, Samwell, ICAEW 2nd Edn (1988)
■Kerr on Receivers and Administrators, Walton & Muir Hunter, Sweet & Maxwell, 17th Edn (1989)
■The Law and Practice of Administrative Receivers and Associated Remedies, Lange & Hartwig, Sweet & Maxwell (1989)
■The Law and Practice of Corporate Administrations, Fletcher, Higham and Trower, Butterworths (1994)
■Law of Property Act Receiverships, Hughes, Lime Legal (2007)
■Law of Property Act Receiverships, Lawson, Jordans (1994)
■The Law of Receivers and Administrators of Companies, Lightman & Moss, Sweet & Maxwell, 3rd Edn (2000)
■The Law Relating to Receivers, Managers and Administrators, Picarda, Tottel, 4th Edn (2006)
■Real Property Receivership, Fielding & Besser, Butterworths (1994)
■Receivership Manual, Iredale & Hughes, Tolley (1987)
■Voluntary Arrangements, Bailey, Butterworths, 2nd Edn (2007)

3.4 Restructuring

■Corporate Rescue, Parry Sweet & Maxwell (2008)
■Corporate Turnaround, Slatter & Lovett Penguin (1999)
■Restructuring Law & Practice, Howard & Hedger Butterworths (2008)
■Restructuring and Workouts Larkin, Ed Globe Law & Business (2008)
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4. Personal Insolvency
■Bankruptcy of Individuals, Gregory, CCH Editions, 2nd Edn (1992)
■Bankruptcy: the Law and Practice, Grenville, Fourmat Publishing (1987 with 1988 supplement)
■Individual Voluntary Arrangements (Accountants Digest 359), Davis, Accountancy Books (1996)
■Individual Voluntary Arrangements, Lawson, Jordans (loose leaf)
■Introduction to Personal Insolvency – Handbook for Money Advisers, Kruse, National Money Advice Training Unit, 5th Edn (1994)
■Muir Hunter on Personal Insolvency, Muir Hunter & Briggs, Sweet & Maxwell (loose leaf )
■Personal Insolvency Law and Practice, Schaw Miller and Bailey, Butterworths, 4th Edn (2008)
■Personal Insolvency Law in Practice, Frieze, Sweet & Maxwell (2004)
■Personal Insolvency: A Practical Guide, Grier & Floyd, Sweet & Maxwell, 3rd Edn, (1998)
■Family Breakdown and Insolvency, Howell, Butterworths (1993)
■Personal Insolvency, Brumby, McTear, Williams & Border, Cavendish, Pocket Lawyer (2004)
■Personal Insolvency Law, Regulation and Policy, Milman, Ashgate (2005)
■Voluntary Arrangements, Bailey, Butterworths, 2nd Edn (2007)
■Weaving’s Bankruptcy Procedure, Frieze, Longman, 11th Edn (1994)
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5. Partnerships
■Insolvent Partnerships, Davis, Steiner & Cohen, Jordans (1996)
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6. Directors & employees
■Corporate Insolvency: Employment and Pension Rights, Pollard, Bloomsbury Professional, 4th Edn (2009)
■Directors’ Disqualification, Mithani, Butterworths (loose leaf)
■Directors Disqualification: Law and Practice, Walters & Davis-White, Sweet & Maxwell (1999)
■Disqualification and Personal Liability of Directors, Sealy, CCH Editions, 3rd Edn (1989)
■The Disqualification of Company Directors, Mithani & Wheeler, Butterworths (1996)
■Employees’ Rights in Receiverships and Liquidations, Parsons & Ratford, Tolley, 2nd Edn (1984)
■Employment Insolvency Handbook, Marshall, Chancery Law Publishing (1992)
■Directors’ Disqualification and Bankruptcy Restrictions, Walters & Davis-White, Sweet & Maxwell (2004)
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7. Taxation & insolvency
■Insolvency Law and Taxation, Lyons, Longman (1988)
■Tax Implications of Liquidations, Receiverships, Administration Orders and Voluntary Arrangements (Tax Digest No. 69), London & Hearn, ICAEW (1989)
■Taxation in Corporate Insolvency, Davis, Tolley, 5th Edn (2003)
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8. Pensions & insolvency
■Corporate Insolvency: Employment and Pension Rights, Pollard, Butterworths, 2nd Edn (2000)
■Pensions Aspects of Insolvency, Ellison & Tooke, Accountancy Books (loose leaf)
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9. Specialist subjects
9.1 Legal

■Allsop’s Notes on Insolvency Litigation, Allsop, Chancery Law Publishing (1993)
■Corporate Insolvency Practice – Litigation, Procudure and Precedents, Watson-Gandy, Wildy, Simmonds & Hill (2010)
■Anderson’s Notes on Insolvency Conveyancing, Anderson, Chancery Law Publishing (1992)
■Commercial Leases and Insolvency, McLoughlin, Butterworths, 3rd Edn (2002)
■English and International Set-Off, Wood, Sweet & Maxwell (1989)
■Insolvency Litigation, Doyle, Sweet & Maxwell (1999)
■Insolvency Practice and the Human Rights Act 1998 – A Special Bulletin, Gearty & Davies, Jordan (2000)
■The Law of Subordinated Debt, Wood, Sweet & Maxwell (1990)
■Notes on Insolvency and Commercial Property, Goldring, Chancery Law Publishing (1992)
■Proprietary Claims and Insolvency, McCormack, Sweet & Maxwell (1997)
■Proprietary Rights and Insolvency in Sales Transactions, Goode, Sweet & Maxwell, 2nd Edn (1989)
■Restitution and Insolvency, Rose (Editor), Mansfield Press (2000)
■Law of Set-Off, Dereham, Oxford, 3rd Edn (2003)
9.2 Financial

■The Banker’s Remedy of Set-off, McCracken, Butterworths (1993)
■Insolvency of Banks: Managing the Risk, Oditah (Editor), FT Law & Tax (1996)

9.3 Charges and security

■Bank Security Documents, Lingard, Butterworths, 3rd Edn (1993)
■Company Charges, Gough, Butterworths, 2nd Edn (1996)
■Fisher and Lightwood’s Law of Mortgage, Tyler & Oughton, Butterworth, 10th Edn (1988 with 1994 supplement)
■Legal Problems of Credit and Security, Goode, Sweet & Maxwell, 2nd Edn (1988)
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10. Insolvency in specific industries
■Insolvency Explained, Newman, RIBA Publications (1992)
■Insolvency and Information Technology, Chalkiadis, Sweet & Maxwell (2000)
■Construction Insolvency, Davis, Palladian Law Publishing, 2nd Edn (1999)
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11. Scotland
■Bankruptcy, Adie, W. Green/Sweet & Maxwell (1995)
■Bankruptcy, McBryde, W Green & Sons (1989)
■The Bankruptcy (Scotland) Act 1985 – A Practical Guide, Henderson, Tolley (1987)
■Insolvency Law in Scotland, McKenzie Skene, T&T Clark (1999)
■Judicial Factors, Addison, W Green/Sweet & Maxwell (1995)
■The Law of Bankruptcy in Scotland, Coull, Butterworths (1989)
■The Law and Practice of Receivership in Scotland, Fletcher & Roxburgh, Tottel, 3rd Edn (2005)
■The Law of Corporate Insolvency in Scotland, St Clair & Drummond Young, Sweet & Maxwell, 3rd Edn (2004)
■Liquidation in Scotland, Flint, Jordans, 2nd Edn (1990)
■MacRoberts Scottish Liquidation Handbook, Flint, W Green/Sweet & Maxwell (2004)
■Palmer’s Company Insolvency in Scotland, Bennett, W Green/Sweet & Maxwell (1993)
■Scottish Insolvency Casebook, Hughes, W Green/Sweet & Maxwell (1994)
■The Scottish Law of Debt, Wilson, W Green/Sweet & Maxwell (1991)
■Scottish Repossessions, Higgins, W Green/Sweet & Maxwell (2002)
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12. Northern Ireland
■Northern Ireland Personal Insolvency, Hunter, SLS Legal Publications (1992)
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13. Republic of Ireland
■Corporate Insolvency and Rescue, Lynch, Marshall & O’Ferrall, Butterworths (1996)
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14. Channel Islands
■Jersey Insolvency and Asset Tracking, Dessain & Wilkins, Key Haven Publications, 2nd Edn (2007)
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15. Europe
■Corporate Rescue Procedures in France, Sørensen & Omar, Kluwer Law International (1996)
■Cross Border Insolvencies in EU, English and Belgian Law, Torremans, Kluwer European Monographs 39 (2002)
■Danish Insolvency Law, Petersen & Ørgaard, DJØF Publishing (1996)
■The EC Regulation on Insolvency Proceedings, Moss, Fletcher & Isaacs, Oxford University Press (2002)
■European Corporate Insolvency – A Practical Guide, Rajak, Horrocks & Bannister, Wiley, 2nd Edn (1995)
■Guide to Insolvency in Europe, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, CCH Editions (1993)
■Restructuring and bankruptcy in Central and Eastern Europe, Coates & Mirsky, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (1995)
■The European Insolvency Regulation: Law and Practice, Virgos & Garcimartin, Kluwer Law International (2004)
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16. International
■Butterworths International Insolvency Laws, Allen & Overy, Butterworths (1991)
■Corporate Insolvency and Rescue: The International Dimension, Campbell & Collins (Editors), Kluwer (1993)
■Corporate Rescue and Insolvency, Wessels & van der Heijden, Kluwer Law International (loose leaf)
■Cross-Border Insolvency, Smart, Butterworths, 2nd Edn (1998)
■Cross-Border Insolvency Proceedings and Security Rights, Veder, Kluwer (2004)
■Cross-Border Security and Insolvency, Bridge & Stevens(Editors), Oxford (2001)
■Cross-Frontier Insolvency of Insurance Companies, Moss, Kawaley, Siefe & Montgomery, Sweet & Maxwell (2001)
■Current Developments in International and Comparative Corporate Insolvency Law, Ziegel (Editor), Clarendon Press (1994)
■Current Issues in Cross-Border Insolvency and Reorganisations, Leonard & Besant (Editors), Graham & Trotman (1994)
■Directors’ Liabilities in Case of Insolvency, Sørensen (Editor), Kluwer Law International (1999)
■Insolvency in Private International Law, Fletcher, Clarendon Press (1999)
■Insolvency Law in East Asia, Tomasic, Ashgate (2006)
■Insolvency Proceedings and Commercial Arbitration, Lazic, Kluwer Law International (1998)
■International Corporate Insolvency Law, Campbell (Editor), Butterworths (1992)
■International Corporate Recovery Procedures, Wheeler & Oldfield, Blackstone Press, 3rd Edn (2001)
■Principles of International Insolvency, Wood, Sweet & Maxwell, 2nd Edn (2007)
■Recognition and Enforcement of Cross-Border Insolvency, Cooper & Jarvis, Wiley (1996)
■Rescuing Business – The Making of Corporate Bankruptcy Law in England and the United States, Carruthers & Halliday, Clarendon Press (1998)
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17. General Reference
■Butterworths Corporate Law, Service Hannigan, Thorne & Barton (Editors), Butterworths (loose leaf)
■Commercial Law, Goode, Penguin, 3rd Edn (2004)
■Company Law Handbook, Walmsley (Editor), Butterworths, 15th Edn (2001)
■Company Law in Europe, Thomas, Butterworths (loose leaf)
■Nelsons Tables: Company Procedures, Peck & Robertson, Longman (1990)
■Palmer’s Company Law, Morse & Ors (Editors), Sweet & Maxwell (loose leaf )

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